Class Levels

Class size up to 12. Classes are once a week and are all personally taught by Miss Reneé.

Preschool Class

One hour class: 1/2 hour ballet, 1/2 hour tap.

Beginner Class

One hour class: 1/2 hour ballet, 1/2 hour tap.

Intermediate Class

One hour and 15 minutes: 1/2 hour ballet, 1/2 hour tap and 15 minute jazz.

Advanced Class

One and one half hours: 1/2 hour ballet, 1/2 hour tap, and 1/2 hour jazz.

Cardio Hip Hop Classes with Jenni French

At Reneé’s School of Dance Mondays 6:30pm – 7:30pm

If you are looking for a fun filled calorie burn to either jump start your fitness plans or perhaps boost your fitness goals, join the fun on Mondays from 6:30 – 7:30 at Reneé’s School of Dance beginning in September. Jenni French will be teaching a cardio hip hop class that is so fun, you might even forget that you are working out. The class features a warm up that allows you to preview the dance moves you will be working on that night, then the dance party starts!

You will learn the latest moves and laugh a lot! It’s professional dance for everyday people (no prior dance experience necessary). Jenni breaks down professionally choreographed dance routines so the choreography is scaffolded in a way to work for everyone…from beginners to the more experienced. Jenni says, “I believe it takes three times trying a dance-based fitness class to start to anticipate the format and vocabulary. Plus, you will work on the same set of moves for about a month, allowing you to discover how a second look at the choreography leads to a fuller experience!” If you have never taken a dance class before, but frequently have dance parties in your car when “your song” comes on…this class is for you!

If you love a great work out…this class is for you! If you have danced on and off for years, but want to try something new…this class is for you! If you just need to get out of the house and break out of your routines with a fun group of people…this class is for you! If you want to START a fitness routine that you will actually enjoy…this class is for you!


Four Class Package………$32
Drop-in Rate……………………$12

For more information, please call (203) 269-5913